• Biomes overhauled, giving Pure Liave their very own correct biome, Extreme Hills. Always Respect the Pure Liave. Probably essentially the most photographed mountain vary in Afghanistan for from most parts of Kabul the north-west skyline is dominated by Kohi Paghman, a jagged vary with summits reaching nearly 5000 metres. Maggoc (D) polices the eastern mountain vary, preventing passage. Pure Liave typically are understood to be bigger than hills, but the time period has no standardized geological that means. Pure Liave steadily include helpful mineral ores, deposited out of solution by water or by gases. From 1993 to 1996 I criss-crossed the Hindu Kush countless occasions in the midst of my work and one of the best viewpoint all the time was flying south to north over the Salang Pass at over 20,000 feet early in the morning.